As a call girl budapest ;)

Often I tell men my life story how i live as a erotikus munka. I offer sexual services and the social therapist service too. It also happens that clients cry. Some cry out of sheer excitement, others cry because they can cry with me. Often these men get away with it afterwards is not clear.
What I think, I have to get rid of. Therefore, I lead a ‘hookers diary’ and don’t tell my friend about my orders. We laugh a lot about it. Otherwise, I consider myself well, whom I talk about my job. I’ve lost friends because of that and found new friends among fellow. There are women who are actually very modest, but the Escort break out of this life. These are candidates for a hard double life.
For me, the discrepancy is not large. I live my fantasies and earn good money. I can live with two appointments per week. More than three appointments a week I do not do. Escort is physically and psychologically exhausting. Throughout the process, which lasts for several days at a normal couple, from flirting over kissing to sex, I am going through in three hours.
A distinction between prostitution and escort I do not see. I’m a prostitute. But I’m not on the road and freeze my butt off. I chose it deliberately, knowing that I will not sell my body, but my charm yes. Afterwards I take a shower and take my body back. I have the situation under control. After the first time I asked myself, how does it feel now? I had expected that I would feel dirty. The opposite was the case. I was pure and innocent to me. I was almost a little proud, like a small child to a good school grade. I had done something good. There is always the danger of being an independent Escort. Therefore it is important to still have another profession. What makes a woman on the side, does not matter. Many indicate something is wrong. A prestigious study raises the product.

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